There are many many individuals coming up with ideas which for which they want an application or mobile app. Their immediate choice would be to recruit a freelancers or friends or companies to turn their vision into applications or mobile apps.

During this period of development, their main focus and thinking would be aligned towards how to bring their vision into products. But during this process they wouldnt be thinking other items like ownership of code, server etc.

In ElixirExperts, we took over the projects from other vendors we have noticed that they didnt have much information about their project except their functionality which needs to be maintained handy. So, this blog will be touching upon the things that each application owner should know which will make them more independent

  • Contract – Everyone is aware of what the contract is. There is standard templates available for the same. Make sure that you have understood the contract fully. There will be many technical terms used but as a product owner they should be aware of each and every word of the contract and its consequences
  • Source code – Create GitHub with your email id and give access to the vendor.
  • Stream.filter(#Any filter process if needed)
  • a. Ensure that the vendor checks in the code on daily basis.
  • b. Ensure that you know which branch is latest branch. (As a standard practice there should be two major branches – dev and main / master should be pointing to production server and dev should be pointing to dev server)
  • If there is any database is created for the project ensure that GitHub is having user id and passwords
  • Nowadays it is very common that we are integrating with third party service providers through apitegrations. For this we have to create an account for the same to access the api calls. Make sure that you have login credentials for all the third party service providers
  • Scan through source code and ensure that there is no service provider email address embedded into the source code. If any unknown email is present, question the developer
  • Know where your servers are located including staging and production. Get the root user id and password for your servers.
  • Make sure that you have login credentials for server console. If possible you register yourself and create server and give access to them.
  • As number of companies are offering for their own servers at a cheaper rate. While this is beneficial for cost control but beware that the entire control is with the service provider. As long as you have good relation with the service provider it wont be a problem. But once the relationship suffers, the applications which lies in the service provider’s will also take a hit.
  • Most importantly your domain. Your domain is your brand. You cannot give your brand’s control to others. So please make sure you create your own domain or at least have the login credentials handy with you.